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Are you feeling stressed and need help with your health?
I can work with you to provide a personalised health plan. I also run friendly and informative advice in group sessions.

Next group session starts on Monday 9 May 2022 at Whitstable Castle - see services page for full details. 

Lifestyle Medicine 

Lifestyle medicine is an approach to health that looks at how factors such as nutrition, hydration, exercise, sleep and relaxation can affect long-term physical and mental health. It helps to manage and prevent disease and allows more personalised care and for

you to be more active in your healthcare.

There is so much we cannot control in life, but we can control how we look after ourselves on a daily basis and help protect our future self the best we can,

for the best outcome.



I am a qualified nurse with over 35 years of experience and also a qualified health coach, recognised by the NHS personalised care Institute and a member of the Coaching Association.


I am in the perfect position to help provide support, knowledge and skills in a small group workshop, a one-to-one or corporate setting. 


I can help you to understand yourself, your personality type, your habits, identify your personal health goals and how you can achieve them through small changes in life style. 

Wellbeing is an ability to recognise your capabilities, manage your stress, have a purpose and be productive. 

If you look out for your mind and body, it will look out for you.

 My Services


 Free Short 30 Minute Introduction Session

-   Client from Group Session 

The session was amazing and really enjoyable

-Client from Group Session 

       - Client from Group Session 


I would definitely come to another session; I learnt a lot.
The group coaching session gave me useful tools I can go away and use straight away. It made me want to learn more! 

-Client from Corporate Session 

Colette joined our innovation, in-person, for a lunch and Learn talk in celebration of World Mental Health Day on the 10th October.


Colette provided a talk about stress and how to deal with it for all staff who wished to join. The talk went down really well with staff, having one of the highest engagements to a lunch and learn following the pandemic! 


The talk was personable and informative which everyone enjoyed whilst still learning about such an important and relatable subject, especially in the working environment. Colette was also able to provide 1-1 conversations following the talk and provided a wide range of helpful resources for staff to access at their own leisure.


07403 848489

Whitstable, Kent

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